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Commonly Confused Words

Discreet & Discrete

Discreet - to be careful not to offend or embarrass someone with their words

  • We have to keep this conversion discreet, because I do not want my sister to find out we spoke.
  • Do you think the boss will be discreet about the situation?
  • The teacher needs to be very discreet.
  • The doctors are very discreet around their patiences
  • My little brother is not very discreet. He says what he feels like saying.

Discrete - separate; distinct; individual; non-continuous

  • Our school has three discrete sections.
  • The two languages are very discrete from each other.
  • There are six discrete categories of books in the store.
  • There are some words that have several discrete meanings.
  • We created a few discrete categories in order to lower the tax that you have to pay.
  • We cut the paper into three discrete sections.

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