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Commonly Confused Words

Change & Charge

Change & Charge are two words are are written almost the same, but they mean two totally differencet things. Do not get time confused.

Change – to switch; to make something differencet

  • I am going to change the tires on the car.
  • We are going to change the furniture in the living room.
  • My sister changed her phone. She gave me her old phone.
  • We are going to change the insurance company.
  • My father wants to change the Internet service.

Charge – the price that someone takes for goods or services

  • The mechanic did not charge me a lot of money to fix my car.
  • The bank charges us high fees (a lot of money).
  • How much do you think I should charge for babysitting?
  • The cell phone companies charge a lot of money.
  • The landlord charged us for damages we did to the flat.

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