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Phrasal Verbs

Get Up

Get Up – to get out of bed; to stand up

  • I have to get up early tomorrow morning. I have an early class at school.
  • What time do you have to get up in the morning?
  • Please get up I want to fix the cover on the sofa.
  • I need the chair please get up from the chair.
  • My dog is sleeping on my leg. I wish my dog would get up.
  • I do not like to get up early. I like to sleep late.

Carry On

Tie In

Kick Out

Kick In

Turn Away

Ask Around

Blow Someone Away

Blow Up

Break Down

Bear With

Burning Up

Chip In

Catch On

Cut It Out

Call Around

Check Out

Cheer Up

Clean Up

Dress Up

Drop In

Drop Out

Draw Up

Do Something Over

Eat Out

Fall Off

Fall Short

Fall Behind

Fill Out

Find Out

Get Back

Get You

Get Along

Get Up

Go Over

Hang Out

Heard Of

Keep Away

Keep On

Keep Out

Keep Up

Kick Back

Look For

Look After

Look Out

Look In On

Mark Down

Mix Up

Move On

Pass It On

Pay Off

Wake Up

Phrasal Verbs With "Get"

Push Over

Pull Off

Put Off

Put Though

Run Into

Run Out

Stand By

Stuck Up

Talk Shop

Take After

Turn Down

Telephone Phrasal Verbs