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Where To Meet

Julie: Debbie, where do you want to meet on Friday?

Debbie: Do you want to meet in the mall?

Julie: No, not really. I rather meet some where quiet.

Debbie: OK, sounds great. Do you want to meet in the park or on the beach?

Julie: Yes, we can meet on the beach.

Debbie: Great idea, I have not been to the beach this year.

Julie: Ahh OK, so lets meet at the beach. We can meet at Sun Beach Cafe.

Debbie: Yes, I heard this is a great place. It is very quiet, and it is not expensive.

Julie: What time do you want to meet on Friday?

Debbie: Is 8:00 PM a good time for you?

Julie: Yes, 8:00 PM is a good time.

Debbie: I will see you Friday.

Julie: Great I am looking forward to seeing you.

Debbie: Me too.

Julie: Bye.

Debbie: Bye.

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