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Waiting For The Bus

A: Excuse me. Do you know which bus goes to the city center?

B: Yes, You need to take the 66 bus.

A: Thank you, do you know when the 66 bus comes?

B: I hope soon. I have been waiting for the 66 bus for 45 minutes already.

A: Really, does it always take so long for the bus to come?

B: No, The bus usually comes every 30 minutes, but I have no idea what happened today.

A: No problem, do you take the bus everyday?

B: Yes, I take the bus everyday. I do not have a car.

A: I hope the bus comes soon, I do not want to be late for work.

B: Yes, me too. I am already late for work.

A: The bus takes so long.

B: Here comes the bus.

A: Ah good.

B: Thanks.. Have a good day.

A: You too!!.

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