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English The Easy Way

English The Easy Way

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Asking Directions - Conversation

John: Could you tell how to get to Greens Town Mall?

Bill: Sure, Greens Town Mall is far to walk.

John: Oh, really, I can not walk to the Greens Town Mall?

Bill: No, it is far. It is about 10 miles from here.

John: OK, is there a bus I can take to Greens Town Mall?

Bill: Sure, there are a few buses that go to Greens Town Mall.

John: Ah good. which I can take?

Bill: You can take bus number 5, 15 or 24. They all go to Greens Town Mall.

John: Thank you, Do you know where I can get bus number 5, 15, or 24?

Bill: Sure, the buses stop on 4th street. You need to walk 2 blocks and than turn left. You will see a candy store. The buses stop in front of the candy store.

John; Thank you, do you know how often the buses come?

Bill: Yes, the buses comes every 10 minutes, and it takes about 30 minutes to get to Greens Town Mall.

John: Thank you, you are very helpful.

Bill: You are welcome. I am very happy to help you.

John: Bye

Bill; OK bye

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