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Possessive Nouns

Possessive Nouns are nouns are used to state something or someone belongs to someone or something.

To make nouns possessive add 's or s' according to the noun.

's is added to the end of a singular noun

  • Tom's car is green.
  • My friend gave me her sister's book.
  • My job is near Tom's house.
  • Tammy's class is going on a trip today.

's or s' is added to the end of a singular noun that end in "s"

  • Chris' car is black.
  • Chris's car is black.
  • Our boss's office is down the hall.
  • Our boss' office is down the hall.

s' added to the end of a plural noun that do not end in "s":

  • The children's room needs to be painted.
  • The women's workroom has new furniture.
  • The men's uniforms are ready for them to wear.
  • The deer's cages are clean.

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