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Wait & Weight

Wait – means to stay in the same place or to delay an action

  • I will wait for you at the bus stop.
  • The girls need to wait a long time to see the doctor.
  • We have to wait a while for the food at the restaurant.
  • My daughter has to wait a at least 1 month for an answer about getting accepted to university.
  • I will wait for you in the car.

Weight – is used to state how heavy something is

  • This bed weights a lot. Do you know how heavy it is?
  • The weight of boxes is over 50 kilos, and they are too heavy for use to lift.
  • Check the weight of the suitcases, because we are only allowed 23 kilos on the plane.
  • The weight of the snow caused the roof to collapse. We need to fix the roof.
  • The girls are loosing a lot of weight. I hope they are OK.


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