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English The Easy Way

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English Vocabulary

Homonyms – are words which sound alike or are spelled alike, but have different meanings.

Saw - Saw

    Saw - the past tense of see

    • I saw my friends last night.

    Saw - a kind of tool to cut wood or medal

    • Saw - I need to buy a new saw, so I can cut the wood.

Right - Write

    Right - the opposite of left

    • Can you turn left on the corner?

    Write - to put words on a paper

    • I am going to write a note to my husband.

Tear - Tear

    Tear - to rip

    • There was a tear in the book.

    Tear - a drop of water in the eye

    • Why are there tears in your eyes?


Bark & Bark

See & See

Wait & Weight

Ring & Ring

Duck & Duck

Find & Fined

Fluke & Fluke

Sun & Son

Left & Left

Meat & Meet

Pen & Pen

Rock & Rock

Rose & Rose

Right & Right

Saw & Saw

Spring & Spring

Wound & Wound