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Fluke & Fluke

Fluke – unusual outcome or event that is unlikely to happen

  • I just won 1000 dollars. What a fluke.
  • What a fluke to meet my boss on my day off.
  • My phone was stolen, and it was a fluke that I got it back.
  • It was a fluke that we ran into each other in France.
  • It was a fluke, that I won the trivia game. I am so bad at trivia games.

Fluke – a kind of fish; a flat fish.

  • Did you cook fluke fish for dinner?
  • I do not like to eat fluke fish. I like only pawns.
  • How much does fluke fish cost in the store?
  • I love to eat fried fluke fish.
  • Do you have any fluke fish?


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