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Wishes Chart & Verb Tenses

Wishes Chart

Past Wishes* Wish + Had v3/past participle  
Past Wishes with could and would wish + could/would + have v3/past participle
Present Wishes** wish + past simple +
Future Wishes*** wish + would/could + verb in it's base form  

*Past Wishes is the same as the conditional III (impossible conditional)

**Present Wishes is the same as conditional II (the unreal conditional)

***Future Wishes is not the same as conditional I (the real conditional)

Examples of Wishes

Past Wishes
  • I wish she had gone with me to school.
  • She wishes she had gone with him visit his parents.
Past Wishes A Modal Verbs
  • I wish I could have gone with them to see the movie last week.
  • I am sure they wish they could have won the lottery last month.
Present Wishes
  • I wish I went to visit my friends.
  • They wish they studied for the test.
Future Wishes
  • I wish I would go to New York next year.
  • My brother wishes he could come with me to the party, on Saturday.

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