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Wishes & Verb Tenses

Wishes is used to state the desire or want

Wishes can be used to used in the past, present and future.

Past Tense - past perfect verb tense is used to talk about the past

  • We wish we had bought a bigger house.
  • My sister wishes she had listened to her teachers.
  • My husband wishes we had traveled to America.

Present Tense - the past verb tense is used to talk about the present

  • I wish I could live in New York.
  • My brother wishes he had a new car.
  • We wish it wasn’t so hard to save money.

Future Tense - past tense modals verbs would and could are used to talk about the future.

  • We do not like living in the city. We wish we could live in town.
  • I wish the people next door would lower there radio.
  • The rain is horrible. I wish it would stop.

Modal Verbs and Wishes - When verbs are used with wishes the sentence structure is Modal Verb + Have + V3/Past Participle

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