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For & Since Quiz

For & Since Lesson

Choose The Correct Answer

1. I worked _____ I was 16 years old.

2. I work _____ many years.

3. The girls lived in the city ______ they were 5 years old.

4. I have been working for the city ______ at least 15 years.

5. I have known the people next door _______ I was a baby.

6. The girls only live in the city ______ a short time.

7. How long can you stay ______?

8. I will be in a meeting _____ about 2 hours.

12 English Verb Tense

For & Since

For & Since Quiz

Have & Has Chart

Have & Have Got Examples

Main Verb Tenses

May Have

May & May Have

Verb Groups

Auxiliary Verbs

Verb Tense "to be"

Verb Tense "to be" Chart

Future Verb Tenses

Modal Verbs

Modal Verb Rules

Modal Verb Usage

Verb Tense "Can"

Verb Tense "Could"

Verb Tense "Could" Structure

"Wishes" & Verb Tenses

"Wishes" & Verb Tense Chart

Static Verb

Verb Tense "Have"

Verb Tense "Have" Chart

Present Verb Tenses

Past Verb Tenses


There Is & There Are

Word Order

Tag Questions

Tag Questions Quiz

Types of Questions In English

Wh Questions

WH Question Word "Which"

WH Question Word "What"

WH Question Word "When"

WH Question Word "Why"