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Some & Any

Some and any can be used when:

Some - is used in positive sentences, offering & requests

  • I am going to buy some cake for tonight.
  • We have to make some phone calls.
  • They have to bring some money, so they can pay me.
  • Can I have some more tea, please?
  • Can you do some work for me on Tuesday?

Any - used in negative sentences, to state something does not matter

  • I am not going to buy any cake for tonight.
  • We do not have to make any phone calls.
  • They do not have to bring any money.
  • We like any kind of bread.
  • I am happy to go any place.

Some and any are used to state the quantity, amount of something. When using some or any the exact number is not stated. Some and any are quantifiers.

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