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Past Perfect Continuous Tense

The past perfect continuous tense is used when 2 actions happened in the past.

  • The first action uses the the past perfect continuous tense.
  • The second action uses the past verb tense.
  • Examples:

    • We had been learning English for a few years, before I started to teach English.
    • The girls had been working in the factory for 10 years, before the closed the factory.
    • My teacher had been studying in English, before she stared to teach English.
    • We were upset. We had been waiting for the bus for over an hour.
    • My mother was sick. She had been fighting cancer for many years.
    • We were tired. We had been working long hours for the last few weeks.
    • The girls were so excited. They had been waiting for the letter from City College for the last few months.

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