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Future Simple Verb Tense

The future simple verb tense "going to" is used in the following situations:

Planned Events - When a future event that has been planned before the time of speaking.

  • I am going to Mexico in a few days.
  • We are not going to work next week.
  • They are going to university next year.

Predictions - To make a future prediction based on facts.

  • There is going to be a really big storm in a few hours.
  • The test next week is going to be really hard.
  • The puppies are cute. I am sure someone is going to adapt them.

Intentions - To state the something that is intended to take place in the future, in informal conversations.

  • I am going to be a rich person someday.
  • We are going to pass the test.
  • The puppies are going to make a big mess in house.

Future Simple Tense

Future Simple Tense

Future Simple Tense Chart

Going To & Will

Will & Would

Future Simple Tense "going to"

Future Simple Tense Chart "going to"

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