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Adverbs Form

When it comes to understanding the rules of spelling adjectives, if you find them confusing don'' worry they are really quite simple to understand.

Most of adjectives can be converted to adverbs, just by adding -ly, to the end of the adjective, but there are exceptions.

  • correct - correctly
  • easy - easily

Adjectives that end in -y, change the -y to -i, and add -ly.

  • lucky - luckily
  • happy - happily

Adjectives that end in -ble, drop the -e, and -add -ly.

  • respectable - respectably
  • comfortable - comfortably

Adjectives that end in -ic, change the -ic to -al, and add -ly.

  • problematic - problematically
  • hectic - hectically

There are exceptions to the rule.

  • public - publicly

Adjectives that end in -e, just add -ly.

  • rude - rudely
  • live - lively

Adjectives that end in -le, drop the -e, and add -ly.

  • accountable - accountability
  • predictable - predictability

Please note not all words that end in -ly, are adverbs.

  • elderly
  • friendly

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