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Red Idioms

  • red as a lobster - a bad sun burn
  • She is red as a lobster, after a day at the beach.

  • red in the face - angry
  • My sister was red in the face after she found her car was stolen.

  • caught red handed – catch someone in the act
  • The kids got caught red handed with there hands in the cookie jar.

  • redneck – a farmer or someone from a small town in the mid-west
  • I am proud to be a redneck.

  • the red carpet treatment – to give someone special treatment
  • The president of America gets the red carpet treatment.

  • not a red cent – no money
  • I do not have a red cent.

  • red eye – a early morning flight from New York to Los Angles
  • I am going to take the red eye on Thursday.

  • red herring – a negative clue to throw someone off track
  • I found out that that tip was just a red herring herring.

  • red hot – spicy food
  • That food was red hot, I can't stop drinking water.

  • red hots – spicy little red candy
  • I love red hots.

  • red tape – government bureaucracy
  • I have to go though so much red tape just to get my passport.

  • red meat – beef
  • The doctor told me not to eat a lot of red meat.

  • to see red - to be angry
  • I saw red when I found out, I lost my keys.

  • roll out the red carpet - to give someone special treatment
  • What does she want me to roll out the red carpet.

  • paint the town red – have a great time, party
  • We panted the town red when I was on vacation.

  • in the red – owe money
  • By the end of the week, I am always in the red.

  • red alert – a emergency situation
  • The fire department was put on red alert.

  • red blooded – a person that is pure something
  • I am a red blooded American girl.

  • out of the red – to have gotten out of money problems
  • I am so happy we are out of the red.

  • red ticket item – special item
  • That dress is a red ticket item.

  • red tag sale – special sale
  • I love it when stores have red tag sales.

  • red light district – area with sex workers
  • There are a few red light districts in this city.

  • red in the facecherry red – embarrassed
  • When fell on the stairs, I was red in the face.

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