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Uncountable Nouns

Uncountable Nouns - are nouns that can not be counted.

  • Sugar - I need to buy sugar.
  • Gas - We need gas for the car.
  • Tea - I want to drink tea.
  • Water - We need to drink water.
  • Soap - I like that soap.
  • Money - We need to make money.
  • Love - I love my mother.
  • Ice - There is ice outside.
  • Air - We need some clean air.
  • Electricity - We have to fix the electricity.
  • Luck - You have good luck.

How To "Count" Uncountable Nouns

  • a bag of sugar - a bag is countable
  • a litter of gas - a litter is countable
  • a cup of tea - cup is countable
  • a bottle of water - bottle is countable
  • a bar of soap - bar is countable
  • 100 dollars - dollars is countable

Note: A/An are not used with uncountable nouns

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