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Plural Nouns

What are Plural nouns?

Plural nouns is used to state more than one person, animal, idea, place or thing.

Spelling Plural Nouns

    -s is added to the end of the word to make it plural.

  • cat - cats
  • house - houses
  • books - books
  • car - cars
  • dog - dogs
  • hat - hats
  • table - tables

    If the word ends in -s, -ss, -sh, -ch, -x, or -z, than -es is added to the end of the word.

  • bus – buses
  • class - classes
  • tax – taxes
  • wish - wishes
  • box - boxes
  • bus - buses

These are the general rules for making nouns plural. There are many exceptions to this rule

There are many words that

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