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Identifying Nouns

Identifying Nouns Quiz #1

Identifying Nouns Quiz #2

Identifying Nouns.

A noun refers to:

  • a person - mother, boss, teacher, doctor, bus driver etc.
    • Mary is a very clever..
    • My Boss is very kind.
  • a place - country, street, park, street etc.
    • I live in 3th street.
    • We live in the England.
  • a animal - dog, lion, snake, cat etc.
    • I have two cats.
    • Did you see a lion in the zoo?
  • a thing - car, computer, toys, window etc.
    • I have a car.
    • I need to buy my son a toy.
  • a quality - honesty, freedom, wisdom etc.
    • Honesty is very good.
    • We want our freedom.
  • a feeling - happy, sad, sorrow, stress etc.
    • I am happy.
    • My sister is sad.
  • an events - party, wedding, birthday, childhood etc.
    • When is your birthday.
    • I had a very good childhood.

Identifying Nouns Quiz #1

Identifying Nouns Quiz #2

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Identifying Nouns

Identifying Nouns Quiz #1

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