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Have & Have Got Examples

Have Got - is used only when have is used a main verb in present tense.

    Positive Sentences

    • I have a car.
    • I have got a car.

    • We have many books.
    • We have got many good movies.

    • My sister has a dog.
    • My sister has got a dog.

    • They have a new house.
    • They have got a new house.

    Negative Sentences

    • I do not have a car.
    • I have not got a car.

    • We do not have any good movies.
    • We have not any good movies.

    • My sister does not have a dog.
    • My sister has not got dog.

    • They do not have a new house.
    • They have not got a new house.


    • Do you have a car?
    • Have you got a car?

    • Do you have many books?
    • Have you got many books?

    • Does your sister have a dog?
    • Has you sister got a dog?

    • Do they have a new house?
    • Have they got a new house?


  • Have and have got can be interchange, but not always.
  • Have got is used in an informal situation.

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