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What are articles?

Articles are used to clarify if a noun is specific or not specific.

They are used before the nouns or adjective.

There are two kinds of articles:

  • Definite Articles - "The" - are used for specific nouns.
    • I see a dog in the street.
    • I want the car, that I saw this morning.
    • I really like the red dress.
    • I think that is the math teacher.
  • Indefinite Articles "A- An" - are used for non specific nouns
    • I see a dog.
    • The girls see a big black dog.
    • Please bring me a black pen.
    • I think that is a teacher from school.

Rules For Indefinite Articles

  • "A" is used if the letter before the next word starts with a consistent (not a vowel a, e, i, o, u).
  • "An" is used if the letter before the next a vowel (a, e, I, o, u) or a vowel sound.


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