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Adjectives & Nouns Quiz #2

Adjectives & Nouns Lesson

Adjectives & Nouns Quiz #1

Identifying The Adjective

1. The horse is white.

2. Is your house big?

3. My ring is not gold.

4. The sofa is long.

5. The big box is in your room.

6. My wife has long hair.

7. The little puppy is so cute.

8. Your bag is small.

Adjectives & Nouns Lesson

Adjectives & Nouns Quiz #1

What are adjectives?

Order Of Adjectives

Adjective & Nouns

Denominal Adjectives

Adjective & Nouns Quiz #1

Adjective & Nouns Quiz #2

Comparative Adjectives

Comparative Adjective Structure

As...As Comparative Adjectives

Using 2 & 3 Adjective Together

Superlative Adjectives

Superlative Adjective Structure

Adjective With Verbs

-ed and -ing Adjectives

Possessive Adjectives

Possessive Adjectives Quiz