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Present Simple Verb Tense "to Be" Quiz - English Verb Tense - English The Easy Way

English Quiz - The Verb "to Be"

Type the correct form of the verb "to Be" in the box. The check you answers!

Positive Sentences with The Verb "to Be"

1. Mary's hair brown.

2. I   from England.   


3. We 15 years old.


4. She very tall.

5. The dog brown.


5. The tables  very old.

6. The children in school.

8. The dogs black.  

9. You  a very good teacher.

10. The computer new.

Negative Sentences With The Verb "to Be"

1. The cat  black.

2. My hair long.

3. You  short.

4. My computer new.

5. I rich.

6. You a policeman.

7. We  from the U.S.A.

8. The phone  broken.

9. I a good student.

10. The food very good.

Question With the Verb "to Be"

1.  you tall or short?

2.  the dog black?

3. I strong?

4.  the food good?

5.  the dog big or small?

6. the doctor in his office?

7.   the children in school?

8.   the water cold?

9.   it hot outside?

10. the  floor clean?