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What are prepositions? | Englsih Grammar | English The Easy Way

Prepositions have basically 2 functions.

  • The 1st function of the preposition is to connect the noun (all types of nouns) to the rest of the sentence
  • The 2nd function of the preposition is specify the position of the nouns (person or object)

There are basically 3 types of prepositions:

  • Time Prepositions - Time prepositions are used to clarify the time of that something or someone of an action. An example of time prepositions are at, on, in, while, during etc.
  • Place prepositions - specify the place someone or somebody. Example of time prepositions are: at, on, in, while, during etc
  • Direction Prepositions - Direction prepositions are used to clarify the direction of someone or something. Examples of direction prepositions are: under, over, right, left etc.

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What are prepositions?

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