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What are prepositions? - English Grammar

Prepositions have basically 2 functions.

  1. The 1st function of the preposition is to connect the noun (all types of nouns) to the rest of the sentence
  2. The 2nd function of the preposition is specify the position of the nouns (person or object)

There are basically 3 types of prepositions:

  1. Time Prepositions - Time prepositions are used to clarify the time of that something or someone of an action. An example of time prepositions are at, on, in, while, during etc.
  2. Place prepositions - specify the place someone or somebody. Example of time prepositions are: at, on, in, while, during etc
  3. Direction Prepositions - Direction prepositions are used to clarify the direction of someone or something. Examples of direction prepositions are: under, over, right, left etc.

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What are prepositions?


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