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Prepositions of place are used to clarify a specific place. Place prepositions are used with all nouns. The preposition usually comes before the noun or the pronoun. The preposition never comes before a verb.

Common Place Prepositions:

    aboard - She is aboard the boat.

    above - The picture is above the sofa.

    across - My house is across the street.

    against - The desk is against the wall.

    around - My house is around the block.

    at - Is your house at the end of the street.

    at the back of - We are going to sit at the back of the theater.

    at the bottom of - The coins are at the bottom of the lake.

    at the top of - The books are at the top of the shelves.

    between - We sit between the two boys.

    behind - The girls sit behind the two boys.

    below - The desk is below the window

    by - The books are by the door.

    in - I live in the big green and white house.

    inside - I live inside the big green house.

    on the corner of - We live on the corner of 3rd avenue

    in the middle of - We live in the middle of the street.

    near - I don't live near the supermarket.

    next to - I live next to my best friend.

    to the left of - The blue box is to the left of the green box.

    to the right of - The orange box is to the right of the yellow box.

    on - The sun heater is on the top of the building.

    on the side of - There is a big sign on the side of the house.

    on top of - There is a man on the top of the roof.

    on the other side of - Do you see what is going on over there on the other side of the roof?

    opposite - The post office is on the opposite side of the street.

    outside - The car is outside the garage.

    under - The blanket is under the bed in a box..

    underneath - The pen is underneath the box.

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