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In At On Place Prepositions - Prepositions - English Grammar

What are place prepositions?

Place prepositions - are prepositions that are used to describe the place or position of all types of nouns. It is common for the preposition to be placed before the noun. When we refer to Place prepositions we usually refer to "in", "at" and "on".

In - Is usually used to state that someone or something is in a (the boundaries can be physical or virtual place.

On - Is usually used to state someone or something is on top of a surface.

At - Is usually used to state something or someone is at a specific place.

A list of most prepositions of place.




a specific place

a place that is physically on top of a place

a place that is enclosed or within boundaries

at the mall

on the table

in the city

at the table

on the floor

in the box

at work

on the wall

in the park






IMPORTANT: In English we say:

  • on the island
  • in the city/country side
  • in the mountains - except when you mean that something or someone is physically on the mountain.
  • at the office

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