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English Prepositions

Ago & Before Quiz

Ago Before Lesson

Choose The Correct Answer

1. I went to New York a long time _____.

2. We saw my mother two weeks _____?

3. Did you go to school ______?

4. Did you go to the doctor a few weeks _____?

5. Did you see Mary _____ lunch?

6. We are going to the store _____ we go to class.

7. The girls are went to the park 1 hour ______?

8. I passed my driving test many years _____?

Across & Along

Next & Over There

Next & Over There Quiz

Behind & Along

What are prepositions?

Using Prepositions

Prepositions of Position

Prepositions of Time

In At On - Time Prepositions

In At On - Place Prepositions

Place Prepositions Quiz

Time Prepositions Quiz

During - While - For

Up - Over - Above

Up & Over Quiz

Up - Over - Above - Quiz