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Confusing Words In English

Now - By now - Now on

Now – at the present moment

  • We are going to the store now.
  • The girls are on the phone now.

Now On – from the present moment until some time in the future

  • We are going to go to the food store only on Tuesday from now on. I do not have time to go to the store all the time.
  • The dogs are going to sleep inside the house from now on. It is too cold to let them sleep outside.

By Now – something that should of happened before the present moment (before this time, or before now)

  • My father should have been home from the store by now. He left a long time ago.
  • My donkeys should be feeling better by now. They were sick, so I called the doctor for them.

Just Already Finish Still

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By Now - Now - Now On

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