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Commonly Confused Words

Really & Very

Really - adverb - to confirm something; to emphasized a statement, idea, opinion, feeling, thoughts etc

  • Do you really want to go camping and sleep outside?
  • I really love to go camping.
  • My sister really loves animals.

1 Very - adverb - is used to emphasized a statement, idea, opinion, feeling, thoughts etc;

  • They talk very fast on the radio.
  • My donkey works very hard.
  • We are going to leave very soon.
  • We went to the very same school.
2Very - adjective - is used to state that someone or something is exact or precise; used to emphasize that something belongs something specific or to someone specific

  • That is the very kind of dog we want.
  • Every dog in the dog shelter wants his very own home.
  • My sister always wanted her very own car.
  • The store is in the very heart of town.

Very & Really are sometimes interchangeable (either very or really can be used) when very is used as an adverb

  • I am very happy.
  • I am really happy.
  • The food is very good
  • The food is really good

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