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Confusing Words In English

Make & Do

Make - to create something, this can be something physical such as a cake, a dress, bookshelves, or something virtual such as effort, noise, phone call, or a demand.

    We are going to make an offer on the house.

    Are you going to make a cake for the holidays?

    I hope the children make an effort to keep the house clean.

    Did you make this dress all by your self?

Do - is used to state an action that is being performed, the action can be something physical such as clean, cook, shopping, or, something virtual such as favor, good, work.

"Do" can be used as an auxiliary verb, and it can be used as a main verb.

    Please go do your homework.

    They do painting & cleaning.

    My parents do a lot of favor for people.

    Does Lori do well in school?

Please Note: The words do & make are both very general terms, they are not used to state a specified action.

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