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Confusing Words In English

Discover & Figure Out

Figure Out – means to work out a problem

  • I want to figure out this math problem.
  • Did you figure out how to solve the problem with Tim.
  • My sister is going to figure out how to fix the car.
  • We figured out how to use the new oven.
  • The doctor figured out why I am not feeling well.

Discover – find out something new; to learn about something or someone that you did not know before

  • I like to discover new things.
  • My sister & I discovered part of our family history.
  • We love to watch science programs on television, because we are always discovering new things.
  • My dog was happy to discover his new bone.
  • Our teacher was happy to discover how much we love her.

Cry & Tear

Change & Charge

Cold & Freezing

Cook & Cooker

Close & Closed

Cheap & Inexpensive

Cord & Chord

Believe - Cord - Depend

Can & May

Could & Should

Dairy & Diary

Dairy & Diary Quiz

Defriend & Unfriend

Despite & In sprite Of

Do & Make

Do & Make - Quiz

Discover & Figure Out

Dull & Boring

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