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Adjectives With Verbs - English Grammar

How are adjectives used with verbs?

There are times when an adjective is placed after a verb. This is more common when the verb being used is a "linking verb". Please note, adjectives don't describe the verb. Adjectives describe the subject that is performing the action.


  • The cake looks good.
  • Your hair looks great. Where did you get your hair cut?
  • The boys play ball all the time.

When using an adjective and a verb together, then the adjective comes after the verb. There are times when one adjective is not enough to describe the noun or the subject that is performing the action. When 2 or more adjectives are used together, then there is a specific order that is usually followed. Please see multiple adjectives.

It is important to understand if an adjective is needed, or if a adverb is needed. There is an easy way to tell. Ask yourself, do I need to define the verb of the sentence? or do I need to define the subject that is performing the action?


  • Your hair grew very long. .
  • The dog grew angry.
  • The boys talk loudly.
  • My brother talks big.

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